612 Z900


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  • Kawasaki Z900 (17-18) NTR R1
    NTR R1 shock       The most popular of our shocks; perfect partner for road and street riding...       These gas mono shocks are easy to set up and offer superior handling minus the price tag associated with a full race spec unit. However, ..
    Ex Tax: $784.75 $784.75
  • KAWASAKI Z900 (17-18) NTR R2
    NTR R2 Shock     Premium track-day and fast road riding...     Totally dependable, fade-resistant and hand built with ultra-low friction components, the NTR R2 shock is made to last on the track and road. Piggyback, pistolgrip or remote reservoirs allow for ..
    Ex Tax: $1,311.50 $1,311.50
  • KAWASAKI Z900 (17-18) NTR R3
    NTR R3 shock       Endurance race winner...       Tailored to high-profile riders, the NTR R3 shock's performance is achieved through accurate control of its 3-way independent damping. Instant feedback is transmitted from the rear wheel..
    Ex Tax: $1,462.00 $1,462.00
  • Kawasaki Z900 (17-18) TVT FORK CARTRIDGE KIT
    TVT FORK CARTRIDGE KIT Due to the complex nature of the installation and the unique tools required, TVT cartridge kits should only be fitted by Nitron or one of our authorized fitting centres. Nitron TVT Adjustable Fork Cartridge Kits offer the same level of improvements in rider control, perf..
    Ex Tax: $1,612.50 $1,612.50