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CB 1100

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  • Honda CB 1100 NTR R1 Twin Shocks
    NTR R1 TWIN SHOCKS Reliable performance gas mono-tube for twin-shock bikes to be enjoyed on the road... Using the latest materials and technologies ensures your bike will benefit from the ultimate in twin-shock dampers, with not only the best looking shocks available, but also ones with the ..
    Ex Tax: $1,075.00 $1,075.00
  • Honda CB 1100 NTR R3 Twin Shocks
    NTR R3 TWIN The ultimate twin-shock damper... Nitron’s NTR technology packed into a twin-shock format represents the best package for twin-shock bikes you can buy. Using the same materials, finishes and production techniques as the larger NTR shocks, these twin-shocks have all the f..
    Ex Tax: $1,784.50 $1,784.50