DB3 Mantra

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  • Bimota DB3 Mantra (95-02) NTR R1
    NTR R1 SHOCK   The most popular of our shocks; perfect partner for road and street riding...   These gas mono shocks are easy to set up and offer superior handling minus the price tag associated with a full race spec unit. However, the NTR R1 shocks are developed from the full rac..
  • Bimota DB3 Mantra (95-02) NTR R2
    NTR R2 SHOCK   Premium track-day and fast road riding...   Totally dependable, fade-resistant and hand built with ultra-low friction components, the NTR R2 shock is made to last on the track and road. Piggyback, pistolgrip or remote reservoirs allow for tool-free, quick, simple an..
  • Bimota DB3 Mantra (95-02) NTR R3
    NTR R3 SHOCK   Endurance race winner...   Tailored to high-profile riders, the NTR R3 shock's performance is achieved through accurate control of its 3-way independent damping. Instant feedback is transmitted from the rear wheel, allowing the limits of traction to be confidently e..